Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Important Shipping Timelines and Expectations.

Warehouses. We have our products separated in up to THREE different locations around the world. Yes, around the world! Fortunately, my change of duty shift to Japan hasn't slowed down the growth and ability to continue selling the Panzer Fight Stick and replacement metal panels. Awesome partners like ArcadeShock and RageousX have stepped up and are helping fill orders while I am living abroad.

  • Items in the SoCal warehouse (ArcadeShock) ship on Saturdays. Orders placed before any given Saturday will ship the next Saturday. There are a few exceptions (SCR, NCR, EVO) due to the travel schedule for tournaments, but we will announce this on the home page. If you order on a Saturday early enough, it will likely ship that same day.

  • Items in the Florida warehouse (RageousX) typically ship on Mondays and Tuesdays depending on the number of orders received given during the week and their personal and professional schedules. 

  • Items in the Japan warehouse ship most days during the week. All orders from this location ship via USPS or Japan Post only.

Turnaround. We always want to ship as soon as possible but it is important to realize and understand the following timelines we promote:

  • Orders ship within 7 business days (these are MONDAY-FRIDAY, less HOLIDAYS).

  • Shipping speeds are  100% dependent on the shipping carrier. We can't guarantee any arrival date and aren't responsible for late, longer than normal, slow deliveries. There are many factors that go into when you will receive your order.

  • USPS is notoriously bad about scanning items. We drop items off at USPS (or have it picked up) within 48 hours of printing the shipping label; but if they don't scan it the Delivery Confirmation information will be slow to update.

Order Splits.

Sometimes, we have some stock of some items in one warehouse, but not the other. Instead of making you wait for items to arrive in one warehouse and then shipping your order, we will ship it in two shipments. Each shipment will get its own tracking number. If we have to do this, we may choose to ship your orders a different method then you chose to ensure the shipping cost paid covers the total for two orders. Don't worry, if it doesn't we wont charge you extra! This could mean that your Panzer Fight Stick order gets shipped via FedEx ground instead of USPS Priority Mail because the case is in our Florida warehouse but the pro-cable connector is in the SoCal warehouse, so it was more cost efficient to send one via Ground and the other via USPS First Class.

Changing Shipping Addresses:

  • Once you place your order, it will be shipped to the shipping address you provided in the order. We can not change this later.

Customs Information:

  • We use accurate Customs Information based on your order. No exceptions.
Jasen Hicks