Shipping Information and Store Policies [UPDATED]

Shipping Information and Store Policies [UPDATED]

Important Shipping Timelines and Expectations.

Warehouses. All of our products ship from my home in Japan via USPS Mail. This makes use of the US Post Office and all mail gets routed through TOKYO and distributed from CHICAGO. International orders (except Japan) have a little more indirect route through Hawaii and then back to Japan for some reason.

    Turnaround. We always want to ship as soon as possible but it is important to realize and understand the following timelines we promote:

    • Orders typically ship within 2-3 business days (these are MONDAY-FRIDAY, less HOLIDAYS). This excludes custom builds, pre-orders, and Panzer full builds.

    • Shipping speeds are  100% dependent on the shipping carrier. We can't guarantee any arrival date and aren't responsible for late, longer than normal, or slow deliveries. There are many factors that go into when you will receive your order.

    • USPS is notoriously bad about scanning items. We drop items off at USPS (or have it picked up) within 48 hours of printing the shipping label; but if they don't scan it the Delivery Confirmation information will be slow to update.

    • JAPAN ONLY: We will ship your items via Yamato (Black Cat) Cash On Delivery. You must be home to receive your package. They have proven to be very reliable and most items arrive within a day of shipment.

    USPS Speeds.

    • First Class Mail is 7 - 10 business days. The advantage is less costly than Priority, however there is no insurance. If the package is lost or damaged there is nothing we can do to recover your package or funds.
    • Priority Mail is 5 - 7 business days. This is generally faster than First Class mail, but its still not guaranteed! It comes with $50 of insurance for all shipments.

    Order Splits.

    We no longer do this. Your order will ship complete when everything is in stock. Consider this when you group pre-order items with stocked items.

    Changing Shipping Addresses:

    • Once you place your order, it will be shipped to the shipping address you provided in the order. We can not change this later.

    Customs Information:

    • We use accurate Customs Information based on your order. No exceptions.

    Packages that get returned.

    Sometimes packages are returned to me because of bad information on the shipping label. If this happens a refund for the cost of goods will be provided ONLY. It is crucial that you validate your shipping address before submitting the order. A loss of $3 or $40 for shipping is not something we are able to absorb due to improper shipping addresses.

    Damaged Packages.

    If a package arrives and shows any sign of damage, IMMEDIATELY take pictures and notify me before opening it. This will ensure the best chances for recoupment under the insurance program with USPS. You can then open it and validate there is or isn't damage. If there is and there was insurance we can file a claim. Please note that replacement items will not be sent until a claim is filed and accepted.


    If you submit a charge-back, I consider this stealing  and you will lose all support from for previous purchases and future orders will be promptly cancelled. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Jasen Hicks