Panzer Fight Stick 3i Buildout Service


Building the Panzer Fight Stick 3i isn't hard, but it does take a little time and you have to order some buttons and a lever (if you get one of our full kits or course, if not it means even more parts to buy) to complete the build. What does this mean? More shipping costs, waiting for everything to arrive, updating the Brook Universal Fighting Board, etc. What a hassle, right?

We've teamed up with to not only get the parts for your Panzer Fight Stick build, but assemble the whole kit and kaboodle for you so it arrives built out and ready to rock and roll!

There are no hidden costs here. The build out service is offered as an addon to your Panzer Fight Stick 3i Case (Sorry, no Panzer Fight Stick Aluminium builds quite yet). You don't need to hunt around for miscellaneous parts, cables, wires, etc once you add our Panzer Fight Stick 3i kit and this build out service to your shopping cart.

Once you have the Panzer Fight Stick 3i Kit you want in your cart, use this Build Out Service listing to select your button colors, lever choice, and balltop and we literally take care of the rest. Your new Panzer Fight Stick 3i gets assembled, tested, updated, and shipped. Once it arrives, you simply plug in and Fight On!

Must have one of the following KITS in your cart when you check out:

Panzer 3i Basic Kit (USB Based Connection)

Panzer 3i Pro Kit (Pro Cable Connection)

Note: Due to shipping timelines and potential errors beyond our control, we can not accept artwork (other than printed plexi when we offer it) for installation on this build. Build pictures in this listing are for reference only and you should not assume that your build will arrive exactly like an option shown, unless your options are exactly matched to it.