Hori RAP.N - Hitbox Replacement Metal Panel


The Hori RAP.N is arguably the best form factor of the PS4 era Hori cases. These panels will convert it to a HITBOX layout instead of the standard Noir layout.

This is the standard RageousX hitbox layout which is more comfortable and ergonomic than a standard hitbox layout. 

When you purchase this, you only get the following:

  • 16 gage Cold Rolled Steel Panel - Powder Coated with Smooth Semi-Gloss Jet Black Color.

It is encouraged to purchase this as part of a bundle with the SOCD and HITBOX conversion harness since the stock PCB does not treat inputs as a normal HITBOX would. 

NOTE: Due to the thin overlay used on these panels no plexi is currently available for these panels. 

Buttons Used: All of our Hitbox panels use the common button sizes to Hitbox. 30mm is used for the UP button and 24mm is used for the remaining directions and 8 action buttons. Therefore you need 1x 30mm button and 11x 24mm buttons for this conversion.