Ambassador/Affiliate Program Ambassador Program
Our Brand Ambassador/Affiliate Program is here. Bottom line, I will give you a 2% commission on sales generated from your personalized affiliate link. Interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador or Affiliate? You can sign up here (or click the banner above). 
I don't like taking good money away from the FGC/Arcade Community. Giving away PlayStation systems, games, etc. can be good short term advertising boosts, but only ONE person wins in that situation and I think there is a better way. When you help me, I help you with cold hard cash directly deposited to your PayPal account in $100 intervals. Don't wait, sign up today and start earning! 
Rules and Recommendations:
  1. Don't SPAM the program. I encourage you to use your links tastefully but don't crush Forums, sites, Reddit and such with multiple posts. Instead, share your personal builds with Jasen's Customs tech (or your Panzer Fight Stick) then link the shop using your link so others can click through.
  2. In your account page, there are a number of banners you can download and use. Have a good one to share? Let me know! I encourage you to be creative!
  3. You can't earn commissions on personal purchases. If its found that you are using two accounts to abuse the program, you will forfeit your earnings and banned from the program.
  4. Commissions will be paid via PayPal only and once you have earned at least $100 in commissions. 

Suggestions? Recommendation? Want to design Ambassador banners? Let me know!