COVID 19 Response

Fellow FGC members and supporters of, I hope you are all practicing safe social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and trying to make the best of the situation at hand. Living in Japan has its many benefits and drawbacks; the mask culture and general lack of contact between people has benefited us all with lower numbers of cases and slower spread based on the numbers I have seen. Through all of this I have maintained the shop open and been able to pack and ship orders for the US, Japan, and abroad. This will not change. Fortunately, Yamato Transport can pick up from the house directly and Japan Post has had few customers when they first open allowing me to safely get in and out while minimizing contact with people. International shipments and shipments within Japan using Japan Post or Yamato Transport have been unaffected.

Being a military member there are certain rules, regulations, and orders we all must adhere to. For the past 10 days we have been ordered to shelter in place, meaning restrict movements to things necessary for daily life sustainment and essential work. This has been extended to all military members throughout Japan, including those that process all USPS mail. All financial services, including scanning outgoing packages, have been stopped at our local post office for personnel protection. This with many other services in our area have been closed until further notice. This has been a huge change in daily behavior for over 30,000 people stationed in Japan so we can get ahead of this pandemic. Recently, news of ship borne illness due to the virus has ended careers and significantly affected how we conduct business writ large.

What does this mean to you, our customer? Right now, it appears that about 7 days of packages have either not been scanned (and waiting at the local post office warehouse) or not been able to be dropped off due to the new, changing restrictions on us put in place. As of now, there are no new packages being accepted at our local post office. I am working diligently to figure out when the restrictions will be lifted and will provide an update when I can. If you are concerned about an order, please reach out so we can discuss the way ahead. If I haven’t dropped it with the post office, we can work through options on a case by case basis. Unfortunately, if it has been dropped off with the Post Office I cannot retrieve it and we must wait for it to arrive. Going forward from today, please understand that delays may be incurred due to the world wide pandemic and states, countries, etc. may put limitations on what can and can’t be accomplished in an effort to flatten the curve.

Now is the time to continue to support each other in whatever way we can. If its support via orders with us small businesses, encouragement via Streams, or even notes between friends it all helps. I do want to reiterate though, supporting small business must make sense for you financially. We will be fine, we will survive this. Do not put yourself or your family at risk to help us during these troubling times.

Remember, staying positive, understanding, and living clean is the we all get through this together!


Jasen Hicks



I understand how difficult life is right now for everyone across the world; we in Japan are feeling the same burdens as everyone else. I have been under a shelter in place order for two weeks and many essential services operating on our Navy installation, including the Post Office, have been curtailed. I hoped that the drastic measures taken by the leadership of Japan in conjunction with our leadership would have eased to allow access to these critical services, however, they haven’t. While I am unhappy with these policies, I fully understand and support them as they are intended to keep us and our families safe from the virus that is negatively affecting the entire world. I want to personally thank you for being accommodating and understanding of the necessary slow down at and the delays in getting orders out to you. We are taking our part in this fight extremely serious.

To expedite getting orders to you, we were able to ship some packages using Japan Post Registered Air Mail and Regular Air Mail. These additional costs weren’t insignificant; I felt it was a necessary investment on my part to help get you the items you ordered as soon as I possibly could and keep the trust between us. With no end in sight to this worldwide pandemic and some local Postal Service still open, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity it while it was still safe to do so. If your shipment was one of these, you will be getting an update in the next 24 hours as I slog through the manual updates required to provide the Registered Air tracking number. You can track your package at:

Note: This isn't the case for everyone and isn't applied to orders placed after the COVID-19 notice was prominently displayed on our site. I must assume that customers who placed orders after April 4th understood there were delays due to the pandemic. As such, refunds will not be accepted for these orders. If  you placed an order after the 4th and would like to try and have it shipped with Japan Post Registered Air Mail, contact us and we can figure out the difference of shipping (usually dependent on size and method of shipping originally requested).

Some packages (mostly larger packages like sticks, and panels with add-ons) remain with the USPS folks and I am unable to retrieve them; if you ordered a Panzer kit, for example, there is a very high chance it was brought to the office and accepted during the transition and is in their warehouse. They will get scanned and sent into the system as soon as the man power is available and the restrictions are loosened on Japan, this has been promised to us by our local team.

I don’t want to sound like everyone else on Social Media, TV, or the internet but its our duty to remind each other to stay at home, sequester from others, practicing proper social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and vigorously cleaning work areas and your homes. These efforts are a necessary part of the war on COVID-19 and we are going to beat this and get back to normal.

April 11 Update

Our local post office is partially reopen! All packages in the warehouse have started to be scanned and will being moving through the system finally. The partial reopening has been limited to shipments being accepted on Wednesday and Saturday only. I will continue to process orders within the normal timelines (typically within 24 hours of receipt) but you will not see acceptance until those days of the week.

I want to thank EVERYONE who continues to support us here at during this hectic time. Your support means a lot to my small business. Without it, growth would not be possible.