[ALU SERIES] Brook Wireless Fight Board / Battery Mount


In 2016 we built the Panzer Fight Stick W, the W meant wireless. It was built on Morpheus, originally designed to make NEO-GEO fight sticks wireless by a good friend Mike W. This system was great because it allowed our SuperGun (the ADCAP) to work wirelessly with the PFS-W and with some flashing of the Morpheus receiver the Morpheus powered fight stick could work on PS3 and PC.

To satisfy the battery mounting requirement inside the PFS-W we used two purpose cut fiberglass PCB pieces, a zip tie, and some PCB standoffs to hold it all together. It worked, but it wasn't a great production solution and required a more permanent, elegant solution.

In late 2019 when Brook released the PS4 WFB we purposely waited to carry the PCB to ensure our install solution in the Panzer made sense and was clean. Why require doublestick tape, zip tie mounts, or a purpose built Fight Stick to accommodate the antenna and battery? We took a look at the original mounting solution from the PFS-W, our current mounting solution for Brook PCBs, the RETRO Board Stack, and some past custom work we did with early EZ MOD installs and figured a basic one-piece mount made the most sense.

Our WFB Board/Battery Mount fits perfectly inside the Panzer Fight Stick and bolts down into the existing Brook PCB mounts with the battery and WFB neatly tucked together cleanly.

What's included?

  • Single Piece Milled Aluminium WFB/Battery Mount, Anodized Black
  • 4x 3/4" 4-40 screws
  • 1x Zip Tie

How does it work?

  • The board/battery mount has a slight recess that most PS4 DualShock 4 batteries fit into. This prevents lateral movement of the battery.
  • The included zip tie is wrapped around the mount, fitting into two purpose milled recesses preventing the battery from moving vertically and making install clean.
  • The Brook WFB sits on top  with an air gap to allow warm air from battery charging to escape.
  • The included 4x 4-40 screws hold the PCB and board/battery mount to the Panzer Fight Stick stand offs. 

Will this work with other Fight Sticks?

This system was designed to work with the Panzer Fight Stick since the Brook PCB mounts are already in place for anchoring it into place. The board/battery mount is not threaded so it most cases this wouldn't be a good option for you unless your stick has threaded standoffs to mount the PCB already.  If you are creative with double stick tape and 4x 4-40 nuts I am sure you can make it work with other cases, but we can't offer more than a "good luck" for non-Panzer installations.