Hori VLX Aux Panel Replacement


Upgrading the Hori VLX can be fun and challenging with or without the EZ MOD we developed in 2015. If you are after something just a bit more though,  that's where these panels come into play!

Designed to house 4x 19mm push button switches and a single Cherry Rocker Switch, these panels remove the aux panel completely and this sits in its place to provide more flexibility and a lot less technical skill to mod your VLX. Plus it makes reverting to stock super simple! Note: The push-buttons and rocker switch can be purchased with these as a product kit below!

Available in three colors: Black Gloss, White Gloss, and Red Gloss. 

Includes: 2x Spacers for proper installation. You will reuse the hardware from the stock aux board to keep these in place.