Capcom CPS3 Acrylic Case


The CPS3 hardware is awesome. It featured one of the Fighting Game Communities most cherished titles, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and a host of other interesting games like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Unlike its CPS2 precursor, it wasn't put in a fancy plastic shell protecting it from its surroundings which makes it more vulnerable to foreign objects causing issues when used with a SuperGun setup.

Fast forward to today and the hardware still has a huge following. With projects like Darksoft's SuperBios, SD to SCSI Adapters,  and the new reproduction 128MB SIMMs now available the hardware is getting to be more affordable and longer lasting for the average person. For this very reason I have two of these setups, one in my Capcom Impress cabinet, and one in the lab for streaming/testing. I wanted to protect my exposed hardware so I created these 1/4" plexi bases and tops to provide some protection.

The kit includes:

  • Top 1/4" Plexi with etching
  • Bottom 1/4" Plexi, no etching, holes cut for mounting an optional CD Drive SCSI2SD Replacement.
  • Mounting Hardware and Feet

It does NOT include:

  • Any Arcade Hardware.