CPS3 Enclosure


You can order this product, but note it will ship in about 10 business days as it's not normally stocked and we must make each one.

This CPS3 enclosure allow you to cleanly and simply install your CPS3 PCB and SCSI2SD conversion board into a single slim, hiqh quality metal enclosure from a trusted and long time supporter of the Arcade and Fighting Game community.

Once assembled you have access to adjust the volume, press the test switch, insert/remove your SD Card, and even connect to the SCSI2SD USB port if you need to. The only thing you need to open the case for... adding more RAM if you haven't maxed it out already!

Each case is powder coated and the graphics are printed directly to the case using an epoxy ink process. This ensures the case remains nice and durable over time. Graphics shown are the standard graphics offered and may not be changed. 
This case is compatible with CPS3 Hardware only. Other Arcade PCBs are not supported. The SCSI2SD is offered in a variety of options and layouts, however, this case was designed to work with the this PCB from iTead. This is the exact PCB I have used in my CPS3 setup for over 6 years. 
What work is involved:
  • Open the case
  • Install the SCSI2SD PCB using the supplied 6-32 screws
  • Install the SCSI cable and lay flat so it doesn't apply pressure to the CPS3 Hardware
  • Install the CPS3 PCB onto the 4 included stand offs with the supplied 6-32 screws
  • Close the case.
  • Game on!

What you get:
  • Fully enclosed (minus the necessary openings) CPS3 system.
  • A very well protected setup.
  • Full access to the JAMMA/Audio/Kick Harness connector on the back (it sticks out a bit).
  • This is a NO SOLDERING REQUIRED build!
What's included in the kit:
  • Metal Case
  • 6x 6-32 screws
  • 4x small rubber feet
Recommended Add-ons:
Things you should already have:
  • CPS3 PCB with as much memory as possible.
  • CPS3 SuperBios Cart


These can only ship via USPS PRIORITY, JAPAN POST, and Yamoto Transport. For Japanese customers I will provide shipping refunds if you want to pick the case up locally in Yokosuka or I ship it via a local carrier. Unfortunately, I can't add local Japanese transport to the website for use. I estimate these will be about $20 to ship within Japan, maybe slightly more if you do not live on Honshu.