Darksoft Vs. CPS2 Enclosure

$199.00 $299.00


This CPS2 enclosure allow you to cleanly and simply install your Darksoft CPS2 multi-kit in a single enclosure eliminating the need for extra LCD screen cases. It relocates the VOLUME UP, DOWN, and TEST buttons to the front of the case for easy access, completely eliminating the brittle plastic inserts on the side.

Each case is powder coated and the graphics are printed directly to the case using an epoxy ink process. This ensures the case remains nice and durable over time. Graphics shown are the standard graphics offered and may not be changed. You may choose to have the graphics applied or not when you place your order.
If you are concerned over the cost, please note that these are rather large cases (400x300x100mm) built with cold rolled steel, powder coated, and the hardware pressed in. Since the items are very niche volume manufacturing is not feasible.
What work is involved:

  • Solder to the Volume and Test button positions to relocate the buttons.
  • De-case your boards.
  • Splice a new fan into the fan connector (or crimp new ones on).
  • Upgrade the fan. The original sucks.
  • Remove the vertical pin header on the LCD screen and replace it with a right angle one.
  • Connect everything up and wire manage as you see fit.

What you get:

  • Fully enclosed (minus the back) CPS2 system.
  • A very well protected setup.
  • Full access to the JAMMA/Audio/Kick Harness connector on the back (it sticks out a bit).
  • A recessed screen with protected buttons.
  • No more crummy plastic button depressors that break.
Please note: Technical support and installation assistance is not available for this item. When you purchase it, I assume you know how to solder and are able to do some research on the internet to open the CPS2 board cases and such.
What's included in the kit:
  • Metal Case
  • 9x 6-32 screws
  • 4x 4-40 screws
  • 20 pin right angle pin header, breakaway style
  • 3x YELLOW momentary switches
Recommended Add-ons:
  • 22-28AWG wire
  • 60mm x 60mm x 25mm 12V fan (to replace the stock CAPCOM one)
Things you should already have:
  • CPS2 MultiKit
  • CPS2 Donor Board Set
  • Soldering Iron, Solder, Solder Wick or Solder Sucker