Hori HRAP3 - 1L8B Type N Replacement Metal Panel


The Hori RAP3 is one of the most popular fight stick bodies of all times. Its a great form factor, has some interesting features, and easily modifiable. This panel will replace the original if it's rusted, damaged, or otherwise.

Lever compatibility: Hori, Sanwa JLF, Seimistsu

When you purchase this, you only get the following:

  • 16 gage Cold Rolled Steel Panel - Powder Coated with Smooth Semi-Gloss Jet Black Color.

Ready to add artwork to your build? All of the Photoshop Templates can be found at the link below. We've partnered up with Szabo's Arcades to do prints in a variety of options for all of our sticks and panels. We also do regular runs of printed plexi (reverse printed, directly to the plexi) for the Panzer Fight Stick and many of our 1/16" thick plexi arcade stick replacement panels. Check them out here: PRINTED PLEXI OPTIONS.