Hori HRAP4 - Hitbox Replacement Metal Panel


The Hori RAP4 is prolific. Hori mass produced these and the body is very familiar to older generations and all current PS4 variants. These panels will fit on all of them while converting it to a HITBOX layout instead of the standard Vewlix layout.

This is the standard RageousX hitbox layout which is more comfortable and ergonomic than a standard hitbox layout.

When you purchase this, you only get the following:

  • 16 gage Cold Rolled Steel Panel - Powder Coated with Smooth Semi-Gloss Jet Black Color.

It is encouraged to purchase this as part of a bundle with the SOCD and HITBOX conversion harness since the stock PCB does not treat inputs as a normal HITBOX would.

NOTE: Due to the thin overlay used on these panels and countersunk retaining bolts, no plexi is currently available for these panels.


1. These fight sticks were not intended to have a hitbox layout, as such the plastic under the metal panel interferes with 3 of the button cuts on the panel.

2. You will need to trim away some plastic from the case to ensure your buttons fit when the panel is installed. There is a picture above that shows where the case plastic interferes and needs to be trimmed.

3. If you are not comfortable trimming plastic, please ask someone for help. We are not liable for damage to your fight stick due to inexperience or improper modding.

4. The cuts will NOT be seen nor will they affect the case's integrity if you trim just what is required.

Buttons Used: All of our Hitbox panels use the common button sizes to Hitbox. 30mm is used for the UP button and 24mm is used for the remaining directions and 8 action buttons. Therefore you need 1x 30mm button and 11x 24mm buttons for this conversion.

Ready to add artwork to your build? All of the Photoshop Templates can be found at the link below. We've partnered up with Szabo's Arcades to do prints in a variety of options for all of our sticks and panels. We also do regular runs of printed plexi (reverse printed, directly to the plexi) for the Panzer Fight Stick and many of our 1/16" thick plexi arcade stick replacement panels. Check them out here: PRINTED PLEXI OPTIONS.