Madcatz TE/SFxT/VS/FS Pro EZ MOD



The Madcatz TE, Fight Stick Pro, SFxT, VS Series were all amazing in their own right. Each boasted features and designs that were unique to each case, but they were common in many ways. Specifically, the "home" area for each was common to likely save on cost and design time. This makes an EZ MOD for these sticks a no-brainer. teamed up with The Real Phoenix (TRP Retro Mods) to take their upgrade kit to the next level and bring it under the EZ MOD brand. By combining forces we took the original design and improved it significantly making it a 100% solder free installation with the Brook Universal Fighting Board or PS4+ board. One EZ MOD compatible with nearly every Madcatz Fight Stick from the PS3/XBOX 360 era.

The EZ MOD replaces the stock PCB under the home area and allows you to do a couple of things:

- Use the Turbo Function of the Brook UFB. If you don't need a TP Click that is. Use the included cable to connect the EZ MOD to the Turbo Connector on the Brook board and you will maintain the turbo function as labeled AND have an LED that flashes to indicate turbo is activated. 

- Use the Turbo Button as the Touch Pad Click. Use the included cable (seperate from the turbo cable) to connect the EZ MOD to the TP CLICK connector on the Brook UFB and the Turbo Button becomes Touch Pad Click. No need to add additional buttons or specialty door replacements!

- Using the simple "cut" jumper on the board, you set up the EZ MOD for the fight stick you are using it with. No soldering a blob to ensure you get the correct LEDs to light up.

- 100% Functional with all Brook PCBs (PS4, PS4+, UFB).

- Includes a special adapter PCB to connect the stock USB cable to the Brook PCB without soldering! Simply connect the included USB cable to the adapter board and then use the screw terminals to connect the USB cable that's stock in your fight stick!

- 4 RED LEDs are installed to appropriately light up the Player Number indicator when connected to your console! 

- The lock switch will affect the START and SELECT buttons as well!

What's included:

  • EZ MOD Wiring Harnesses
  • EZ MOD USB Adapter
  • EZ MOD USB Cable (Adapter to Brook UFB)

What you also need:

  • 8x sticky PCB feet to mount the UFB and the USB Adapter
  • Brook Universal Fighting Board (or PS4+ Board)

I strongly encourage you to buy a KIT to make this install the easiest it can be!

Installation Notes:

- You will need to trim a switch actuator on one slide switch on the EZ MOD. This is a function of the Madcatz switch cap.

- You will need to connect one end of the buttons and lever harnesses from the stock system to the screw terminals on the Brook UFB. We chose to not include a 20 pin wiring harness to save on cost and specialty UFB requirements.

- Depending on the Home Area you are installing this in (PS3 Vs. XBOX 360) you will need to cut a small trace jumper.

If you have Player LEDs above the HOME button you cut the SJ3 jumper.

If you do not have player LEDs above the HOME button you cut SJ2 jumper.

Install Notes:


Bundle the Madcatz TE EZ MOD with the Brook Universal Fighting Board and PCB feet to save! We wanted to offer the EZ MOD to those that already have the UFB, but be advised you save a lot of money when bundling it with a Brook UFB and stick PCB feet.