Madcatz VS Type N Replacement Panel


The Madcatz VS was extremely popular with Street Fighter Champions such as Daigo the Beast. To this day many fighting game fans still use this chassis because of its size, weight, and design. With our EZ MOD it really has been unleashed and been given new life. The one downside? The standard Vewlix layout and lack of options. Now, you have choices... replace that old tired Vewlix panel with one of our sweet Type N panels!

When you purchase this, you only get the following:

  • 16 gage Cold Rolled Steel Panel - Powder Coated with Smooth Semi-Gloss Jet Black Color.
  • Any hardware unique to this panel (as required)
  • TYPE N wide layout.

These panels support Japanese Levers.

Ready to add artwork to your build? All of the Photoshop Templates can be found at the link below. We've partnered up with Szabo's Arcades to do prints in a variety of options for all of our sticks and panels.