Panzer Fight Stick 3i - Carbon Fiber Overlay (Korean Lever)


Upgrade Your Game with REAL Carbon Fiber

Until now nobody has offered 100% authentic Carbon Fiber Overlays for Fight Sticks, instead people have chosen to go the vinly wrap route using automotive films that are designed to look like Carbon Fiber. While certainly a great budget option, this just won't cut it for a Panzer Fight Stick!

Jasen's Customs is proud to offer these amazing Carbon Fiber overlays for the full gambit of Panzer Fight Sticks. If you have a Panzer Fight Stick 3, 3i, Japanese Lever, Korean Lever, Hitbox, or even an Aluminium Case we have the overlay for you. 

Details of the Carbon Fiber Overlays:

  1. Each overlay is milled from 1.5mm thick Carbon Fiber. This is about the same thickness of the standard plexi that comes with our Panzer Fight Stick.
  2. The finish is matte, meaning it's not glossy like you would find on a car that has a carbon fiber hood, wing, etc.
  3. Carbon Fiber is extremely durable while being very light. You will feel the density and durability the minute you hold your new overlay.