Panzer Fight Stick 3i - Universal Lever Mount


Panzer Fight Stick 3i Universal Lever Mount. Seimitsu, Sanwa, Samducksa/Crown, Myoungshun compatible. One case, all of the levers at your disposal.

PLEASE NOTE: No lever or hardware is included. Just the plate. Purchase a Panzer Fight Stick Hardware Pack separately for installation hardware. All hardware on the plate is #6-32.

These Universal Mounting Plates are compatible with the Panzer Fight Stick 3i cases only. Older Panzer Fight Stick 3 and Panzer Fight Stick Aluminium cases do not support these plates.

Custom Case Notes: If you want to use this in your own custom build, you may, however this is not supported and we can not offer you assistance in using the plate outside of a Panzer Fight Stick.