Panzer Fight Stick Bottom Pad


Tired of large rubber feet digging into your thighs while you play? So was I! These long awaited foam pads make an awesome addition to your Panzer Fight Stick build. They are compatible with all current generation Panzer Fight Sticks (3, 3i, Hitbox, and Aluminium) and should fit fine on the OG Panzer as well (note the feet may not be accessible on older cases).

Each pad is made with a closed cell, rubber based foam with a heavy duty pressure sensitive adhesive is added. This allows it to stay in place and provide a comfortable surface to sit on your lap. Once aligned and installed you can even use the large rubber feet on your Panzer if you so choose.

Each pad is die cut for the Panzer and is 1/8" thick. If you want to cut these to use on other fight sticks, be my guest! These are great pads and will be a great addition to any stick that lacks a pad on the bottom.