Panzer Fight Stick Hitbox Vewlix Artwork Customizer [Printed Plexi]

$74.95 $89.95

The current Printed Plexi Run is in progress. No new orders are being taken until Mid June 2020.


[JUNE PRODUCTION PRE ORDERS UNTIL 25 MAY]. Shipment expected by 1 JULY. 

Do you want to get in a printed plexi run for your Panzer Fight Stick Hitbox but want to use the common Vewlix artwork with some minor color tweaks? Don't have the skills or desire to learn Illustrator to recreate it yourself? Look no further. We recreated the iconic Vewlix theme and adapted it for the Panzer Fight Stick Aluminium case and can customize it quickly and easily for your printed plexi

NOTE: Some Color Options shown are using the PFS3i or PFSA template. They are just to show color options and how different things look together.

You choose the color scheme you want, we recolor the artwork and add it to the next printed plexi run. Simple.


The Customizer Process:

1. You choose the 3 colors you desire for your new artwork. We require HEX values for each. You can use this online picker.

2. We recolor our stock Vewlix Artwork (no changes to the artwork will be made other than color). 

3. We send you an email proof. You can tweak the color ONE TIME if you don't like the colors you chose. 

4. We add it to the next run.

5. NOTE: If you want a slight gradient in the background. Please include it in the notes (dark color + light color)

This is available for the Panzer Fight Stick Printed Plexi runs only. You will not receive any files for printing or use with other services. Cost includes the printed plexi itself.