Panzer Fight Stick Kit Assembly

$54.95 $59.95

Want a Panzer Kit but don't want to assemble it? Simply work through our Kit builder and then add this at the end. We will assemble the entire thing, test it, update the Brook PCB firmware, and ship it out so you are ready to start playing right away.


This must be used in conjunction with one of the Panzer Kit Builders. We will not assemble kits unless all required parts are purchased from the shop with the kit. 

This is a service fee only and does not include any parts. Orders for this assembly service alone will be cancelled and refunded.

If you want artwork installed, we can do that if you order it from our friend Joe Szabo at and have it shipped directly to us. Please contact us separately for the shipping address to use and to arrange it. We will not be able to build the stick until the artwork arrives. 

If you have questions, ask first.