Panzer Fight Stick Printed Plexi Overlay - DBFZ Inspired Goku Design


The current Printed Plexi Run is in progress. No new orders are being taken until Mid June 2020.

Artwork services offered are usually printed on paper, cut with some sort of laser and installed between the case and the plexi. Generally this method is inexpensive and easy to do while providing a simple way to swap artwork on your Panzer Fight Stick later. The downside to artwork printed this way is it is susceptible to humidity or duty/debris getting between the plexi and artwork when installed. In 2016 we played with direct print on plexi artwork for LI Joe's custom Panzer Fight Stick and it came out awesome; it was so awesome that we later printed some Tekken 7 inspired artwork for a personal build as well as some SCR artwork for a Panzer Fight Stick 3 featured during SCR2017 (shown above). While this method is not the cheapest it does have an awesome clean look that can't be matched when installed.

This is the exact Dragon Ball FighterZ GOKU themed graphic by P3G3 Designs for Jasen's Customs. It will be printed and cut for a Panzer Fight Stick 3 with 8 button JLF layout. It will not be modified in anyway and no, we can not make changes for it to make it more custom for you. If you'd like a custom printed plexi, please use the alternate listing in which you can submit your own artwork. We will not provide this artwork as a starting point for modifications under any circumstance.
All characters and artwork are owned by Toei. Characters originally by Akira Toryiama. These plexis are not endorsed by either party and the cost associated is for the printing and cutting of plexi for fan use only.
Dragon Ball Button Inserts (Adobe Illustrator Version): Download
Dragon Ball Button Inserts (PNG Version): Download

Ready to add artwork to your build? All of the Photoshop Templates can be found at the link below. We've partnered up with Szabo's Arcades to do prints in a variety of options for all of our sticks and panels. We also do regular runs of printed plexi (reverse printed, directly to the plexi) for the Panzer Fight Stick and many of our 1/16" thick plexi arcade stick replacement panels. Check them out here: PRINTED PLEXI OPTIONS.