Phreakmods The Link [Detachable Joystick]

$26.95 $29.95
The original detachable joystick returns to Jasen's Customs!


Traveling with your Fight Stick can be tricky business because the shaft on your lever can be easily damaged if not packed perfectly in a bag. PhreakMods recognized this back in 2011 and developed The Link detachable shaft soon after. Similar to a race cars' steering wheel, The Link features a spring loaded quick release mechanism to remove the shaft from your lever and easily store it safely during travel. 


Over the years The Link has been tweaked and updated to now include a full lineup of colors that really spice up your build. The best part? You can use all standard ball tops with the link without compromise. 


These work with all Sanwa JLF levers and Hori Hayabusa levers and are 100% compatible with OTTO DIY upgrades.


  • The Link Base
  • The Link Removable Top Shaft
  • 3mm HEX Key for balltop installation/removal