ProCable V2


PRO CABLE Version 2 - Panzer Fight Stick 3/3i, MadCatz TE2, and TE2+

*** The folks at RAZER chose to deviate from the standard Pro Cable Pin-out that was established years ago; as such you will need to MODIFY your PANTHERA to use this cable. Returns are not accepted if you buy this for a Razer Panthera. ***

A few years ago these connectors hit the scene due to Madcatz and other companies using them in lieu of hardwired USB cables. Those of us with custom Fight Sticks had to fend for ourselves and make them from hand if we wanted something similar. The problem most found was “how do I mount this”, “what do I do with my existing Neutrik USB pass-through?”, and “I don’t have the tools or skills to do this.” I looked at the problem from an engineering stand point and thought I could solve most of these problems and keep the install neat, clean, and fast. When coupled with the Pro Cable Case Side you have a complete USB replacement system!

This is the PRO CABLE portion ONLY. Purchase the CASE SIDE portion separately.

Benefits of the Jasen’s Customs Pro Cable Version 2:

  • USB Cable is locked into place.
  • More robust connection that won’t get loose over time
  • External Cable is wrapped in awesome sleeve material.
  • Each connector is MOLDED into place. No more hand assembly with potential weak points!
Length: 10 Feet

Razer Panthera Users: I created a how-to video to mod your case and use my pro-cables with your fight stick. Their cables have been known to fail and this is the quickest way to fix it.