Samducksa CWL-307-PLUS


Samducksa's CWL-307F PLUS Lever features a traditional collar design common in Korean Levers. It is the most popular, affordable Korean joystick in Korea touted for its feel and durability. 

Additional Details:

  • Standard Korean Collar design fits in any fight stick cases designed for Korean Levers.
  • Gersung Micro Switches
  • HST:35 Silicon Tension Grommet
  • Opaque Clear Over Color Bat unique to Samducksa/Crown levers
  • Fits: PFS3i Cases

For years, companies like Sanwa and Seimistsu have dominated the Fight Stick and Arcade Stick market due to many top players hailing from Japan. The majority of exported cabinets brought to the United States were Japanese, therefore these levers gained market dominance as favorites over the US HAPP/IL standard. Samducksa / Crown in Korea, however, focused heavily on their local Arcade Scene manufacturing cabinets, levers, and other amusement parts that stayed on the Korean peninsula for years. As Tekken, a Korean favorite, grew in popularity and the Korean FGC started traveling abroad, Korean levers made their way to the FGC writ large and have established a significant user base.