Sega Versus City - 1L6B


Sega Versus City 1L6B Reproduction Panel.

These replacement Sega panels were reproduced using careful measurement of an original panel provided as a template. They will help your restoration move along smoothly since sourcing original panels is getting more and more difficult with time.

Construction Details:

  • 16 gauge steel
  • Powder Coated White
  • Joystick mounts for Hori/JLF/Seimitsu levers
  • Requires M5 carriage bolts to mount in the cabinet

About the overlays:

The overlays on the new panels are directly printed to the metal using a high quality and super durable epoxy ink system. Unlike vinyl overlays with polycarbonate or vinyl laminate, the epoxy is a hard durable surface resistant to a lot more abuse. This is most durable overlay possible!

Each panel is cut, hardware installed, and then powder coated for a rock solid finish. Once complete, the panel is placed in an industrial metal printer and the overlay is "sprayed on" at 800DPI much like my printer does on vinyl. Because epoxy ink is thick there may be some texture when finished as the inks are mixed to create the full color pallet. This is normal and looks pretty slick.


NOTICE: This service is done as reproduction, and not represented as a licensed product. All trademarks are owned by their respective companies and are used for a non-profit / restoration application.