Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Direction (SOCD) Cleaner


Converting your standard Arcade Stick into a hitbox requires your inputs to be cleaned. This device will ensure your stock PCB properly handles when opposite cardinal directions are pressed.

Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Direction Cleaner, or  better known as a SOCD Cleaner, allows you to use HITBOX controllers in tournament play and create PREDICTABLE outputs. Non HITBOX controllers or those that don't use a PS360+ or Brook based Fighting Board don't have this feature built in so converting to a HITBOX requires you to use one of these devices to function properly. When not installed, each manufacturer's PCB will do something differently when UP and DOWN or LEFT and RIGHT is pressed at the same time when using a HITBOX layout (or any layout that allows you to simultaneously use UP/DOWN or LEFT/RIGHT). Sometimes this can manifest as UP+LEFT or DOWN+RIGHT or nothing at all. Learning to use HITBOX is predicated on these outputs working in a certain way. The Jasen's Customs SOCD fixes this such that the following logic occurs:

  • UP + DOWN = UP
  • LEFT + RIGHT = NEUTRAL (aka neither output)
This is the most common SOCD used by today's FGC.

RECOMMENDED Accessories:

  • Button Harness - Quick install, no stripping, cutting, etc. required.
  • Power Harness - Quick install, still requires tapping into a 5V source. I recommend the USB cable connector (solder side).

Why this SOCD and not another?

  • This SOCD makes install a snap. It allows you to plug the standard JLF wiring harness into one side and provides screw terminals for each directional button signal and a ground connection. 
  • It offers two screw terminals for providing the required +5V and GND from the main PCB in your fight stick. Please note: you WILL need to solder or otherwise tap into the stock PCB's +5V and GND positions. I find that using the solder points on the USB cable on the stock PCB works very well. Usually +5V is indicated by a RED wire and the GND is indicated by a BLACK wire.
  • Uses high quality Logic Gates that add NO LATENCY to the fight stick.
  • Uses pull up resistors on the button signal lines to ensure no spurious activation.
  • All power is filtered using capacitors on all power points required for operation.
  • Super clean install.


  • Power LED to show the PCB is getting power appropriately.
  • Secondary connections for Power and the Hitbox buttons that are plug and play. (Wiring available separately).