Samducksa CWL-30X QR Upgrade Kit


If you have any of the CWL-30X series Samducksa/Crown levers and travel, this is a must have upgrade. This kit includes all the parts required to add a detachable shaft to your lever. Since these were designed and manufactured by Samducksa/Crown in Korea you know the fit will be perfect and work as intended.


  1. Replacement Upper Housing
  2. Grommet Bobbin (you will reuse your existing grommet).
  3. Dust Washer
  4. Quick Release Shaft

You will require:

  1. A CWL-30X series lever (any of them with either the high or low collar).
  2. An M6 threaded lever topper (Sanwa/Samducksa balltops and battops work perfectly).