Starion Micro-Switch - [SZM-V16-FA-63] - Plunger Type

$1.25 $1.95

Starion, a Top Tier Micro-switch manufacturer from Korea, is making a splash in the FGC thanks to Korean lever partners and modders that prefer them over Gersung, Omoron, and Panasonic switches. We now offer a variety of Starion Switches for JLF and Samducksa/Crown Tweaks and mods as an authorized, direct buy dealer for Starion!

The SZM-V16-FA-63 is the lower actuating force version used in the Benylis lever and is a drop in replacement for all Japanese Levers thanks to its common form factor and push pin actuator.

Switch Specifications:

  • 16A Current Rating, Hinged
  • 1.0mm Contact Gap
  • .187" Tabs
  • 200gf (1.96N) Operating Force
  • SPST (Normally Opened)
  • 1.0mm OT Min.
  • 1.2mm Pin Throw max.

Why choose this switch?

The moderate operating force is more inline with common switches used in Korean Levers and better for those who want a lighter touch for their inputs. 

Price is per micro-switch.