Starion Micro-Switch - [SZM-V16-2FA-83] - Hinge Type

$1.25 $1.95

Starion, a Top Tier Micro-switch manufacturer from Korea, is making a splash in the FGC thanks to Korean lever partners and modders that prefer them over Gersung, Omoron, and Panasonic switches. We now offer a variety of Starion Switches for JLF and Samducksa/Crown Tweaks and mods as an authorized, direct buy dealer for Starion!

The SZM-V16-2FA-83 is used in the Benylis lever and is a drop in replacement for all Korean Levers thanks to its common form factor and standard hinge lever actuator.

Switch Specifications:

  • 16A Current Rating, Hinged
  • 1.0mm Contact Gap
  • .187" Tabs
  • 300gf (2.94N) Operating Force
  • SPST (Normally Opened)
  • 1.6mm OT Min.

Why choose this switch?

The higher operating force required ensures you only make inputs on your lever you intend to make. The resistance will help guard against accidental inputs from quick grazes by the actuator on your lever's shaft.


Price is per micro-switch.