Brook Retro Board Frequently Asked Questions - General

General Questions – Brook Retro Board Manual

Brook Retro Board Manual – See the attached for settings on how to change the default PCB when in stacked mode!

Jumper Size: 2.54mm / .100″

General Questions – What makes this different from the MC Cthulhu?

The Brook Retro Board is different from the MC Cthulhu in the following ways:

  • The Retro Board has a built in USB switch allowing simple mods that allow you to use a single RJ45 output for both boards in a dual mod setup.
  • The Retro Board has an RJ45 jack installed on the board out of the box. No need to solder wires to it for installing a pass through jack on your case.
  • Its pin-pin compatible with the UFB/PS4+
  • The Retro Board is supported by Brook Gaming with active development available. They pride themselves on “Backing You Up!”

General Questions – How do I connect the Retro Board to my console? and offers a variety of cables to make connection easy. As of 7/29/18 the following cables are available:

More cables are coming as well. We are doing final testing on the following:

  • Jasen’s Customs RJ45-NES
  • Jasen’s Customs RJ45-SNES
  • Jasen’s Customs RJ45-Saturn
  • Jasen’s Customs RJ45-Gamecube

General Questions – Can I use the Retro Board by itself?

Yes. The Brook Retro Board works 100% on its own as a retro console control board.

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