About Us

Founder, Engineer, Insane Work-A-Holic for the FGC

I am Jasen Hicks, a retired US Navy Submarine Officer, University of Florida Alumni, and University of Illinois Alumni that fell in love with arcade hardware and cool fight sticks. In 2012, I started JasensCustoms.com to provide high quality, cleanly designed all metal fight sticks. Over the years I have introduced a number of Panzer Fight Stick models, each one iterating and improving on the previous version. In 2023, I introduced the Panzer Fight Stick 4 which is the most complete and polished version yet. 

Notable Achievements

  • Two SRK Tech Talk Awards (RIP SRK Forums)
  • Created a niche, sustainable market for all metal, premium fight sticks with the the Panzer Fight Stick, Panzer Fight Stick 2.0, Panzer
    Fight Stick 3, Panzer Fight Stick 3i, and the Panzer Fight Stick VT.
  • Developed and provided replacement metal panels for a variety of Madcatz and Hori arcade sticks.
  • Developed and provided the MK30 ADCAP SuperGun, a premium device that allowed you to play arcade boards on conventional TVs.
  • One of the first Fight Stick Makers/Shops to provide full vinyl prints and wraps for fight sticks.
  • Developed the EZ BUILD and EZ WIRING system for Fight Sticks.
  • Developed the EZ MOD system for Fight Sticks.
  • Worked with Brook Gaming to develop and market the Universal Fighting Board and RETRO Board.