Panzer Fight Stick 4

Customize. Personalize. Win.

A Legacy of Satisfaction

“I have tried everything when it comes to arcade style buttons, and nothing remotely comes close to the ABMX design in terms of accuracy and speed. This is instrument-level quality and it shows in its performance. Jump on this now.”

ABMX Owner

"Solidly Built, Highly Customizable, Incredibly Easy to Assemble. From beginner to expert, the Panzer IV is a stick I recommend"

Mr. Sujano
FGC News and Stick Reviewer

"With 30+ years of using different pieces of hardware when it comes to competitive fighting games, I can easily say Jasen's custom Panzer Fight Sticks are easily my favorite. Built sturdy and customized to your liking, there’s no way you could go wrong."

LI Joe
Long Island, NY

“After 11 years of trying every all-button controller on the market – the ABMX is the only one that feels competitively viable. Competitively speaking after the ABMX, there is no going back.”

11 Year All Button Street Fighter Player

"I appreciate anyone who hates wiring and points of failure as much as I do and engineers them away."

Devon Shaw
Los Angeles, CA

"[Panzer 4] has just the right weight, rigidity, and simplicity of design. I think the size is really well balanced. All that work on the ABMX paid off, too. It puts the [others I used] beforehand to shame. I ain’t going back."

Michael Mateyko

Sanwa JLX

The first major update to the iconic Japanese lever in 30 years. Learn more.


Powered by the Open Source Community firmware GP2040-CE - new features are added on a near weekly basis. Also, its a direct replacement for many much more expensive Fighting Boards on the market!

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PFS4: Grayscale Grafitti

Grayscale Graffiti Art, Aluminum Bezel, Shiokenstar Layout.

PFS4: Joker

Joker Inspired Art, Aluminum Bezel, Sega 2P Layout.

PFS4: Ladies of Street Fighter

Manon Inspired Art, Aluminum Bezel, Sega 2P Layout. Purple case.