Panzer Fight Stick 4 Chassis

Jasen's Customs SKU: 159413-1-PFS4CHASSIS-BLACK

Panzer Fight Stick 4 Chassis

Jasen's Customs SKU: 159413-1-PFS4CHASSIS-BLACK
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The Panzer Fight Stick 4 is here. It follows design influences from the original, launched in 2013, and has a little bit of something from every iteration between then and today. When you see it, you know it’s a fight stick.

Revolutionary? I wouldn’t say so. It seems like a metal box. Uninspired and boring. I did this in 2013 with the original Panzer , and since then, others have followed suit. At face value I would agree; it might be seen as boring. Sheet metal isn’t sexy. Unless you invest tens of thousands of dollars in metal stamping equipment and specialized stamps, or cut a bunch of small parts and weld them together, it stays rather flat. Just because the design is rather plain at first glance doesn’t mean it isn’t wonderful and that’s what I strive for. My goal from the start was creating a fight stick that serves as a canvas for you to make your own from start to finish with choice in layout, buttons, levers, and art (or lack thereof!) just how you want it..

Like all my Fight Sticks to date, the Panzer Fight Stick 4 doesn’t have fancy opening clamshells with weak hinges that break. There are no thin panels that will rust out. No large gaps between the two halves of the case, and no plastic casings that feel cheap. I didn’t use acrylic panels with finger joints or T-nut style assembly, and there isn’t a single 3D printed part on the case.

Color Options

Not all color options will always be available. If you see one you like, its a good idea to get it while in stock. Many are special, limited runs. These include: Purple, Pink, Seafoam, and Electric Blue as of 9/27/2023.

Special Color Returns: Pink is back as of April 2024 (while powder remains). 

 What does it have?

  • A thick aluminum chassis (2mm!) powder coated with support for multiple layouts and swappable panels. They are strong, rust resistant, and lightweight.
  • Countersunk screws on the chassis holding it together for a sleek, yet strong look.
  • A removable top panel, common to the Madcatz TE, so both builders and modders benefit from the new production of Panzer 4 parts. Panels are cold rolled steel to add some weight to the final build.
  • A custom EZ wiring system that works with all of Brook’s mainline fighting boards (UFB, PS4, PS4+, etc.) leveraging the PFS 2.0 and PFS 3 System of Systems and EZ BUILD concepts.
  • A custom Auxiliary area that not only has all aux buttons (home, start, select, L3, R3, TouchPad Click, and Turbo) but also has LED indicators for Player and Turbo functionality! Each aux button is actuated with custom machined aluminum caps inspired by the work I did on the Panzer M and Unibody.
  • A unique, premium bottom pad with pressure sensitive adhesive that feels comfortable on your lap but will also keep your stick in place when used on a table. These are the same pads I used on the Panzer 3i, just a different size and without holes for feet threaded insert access.

All Panzer Fight Stick 4 Chassis orders include:

  • The chassis in the color you choose.
  • The EZ Wiring PCB, Aux Area PCB, and wiring for both lever-based panels and the Hitbox/Shiokenstar panels. This will ensure you can use any panel at any time with your new chassis.
  • 5x Light Pipes for the LEDs in the Auxiliary Area.
  • 7x Machined Aluminum and anodized BLACK button caps for the Auxiliary Area.
  • 4x plastic stand offs to use between the fighting board of your choice and the EZ Wiring PCB.
  • 6x M4 screws to hold the panel of your choice in place. (Panels purchased separately)
  • 4x Long 4-40 screws for the EZ WIRING and Fighting Board attachment.
  • 6x Short 4-40 screws for the Auxiliary Area PCB fitment.
  • 1x Bottom Pad.

 What you need to provide:

  • Any D-Size passthrough for the cable connection to your fighting board. Often this is just USB 2.0 by Neutrik or Switchcraft. They come in both black and silver. Switchcraft normally includes mounting hardware. Neutrik does not. Keep this in mind. These are common and the best quality connector that looks the best. I have used them for years and love them.
  • Internal cable (USB most likely) to connect the Fighting Board to your Cable Connection. These can be short, perhaps 12” at the longest. has the best pricing on these generally.
  • The Panzer 4 Panel of your choosing, as well as lever and buttons for the layout of your choice. These are separate items to keep inventory tracking easy and to offer more options to the end user. Just because I like Sega Player 2 doesn’t mean you can’t use a hitbox!

Dimensions, Weight, and Hardware Sizes:

  • 13.4” long, 8.3” wide, and 2” tall.
  • Approximately 4lbs when built.
  • Screws that fix the top and bottom halves are #6-32 flat head.
  • Screws that fix the internal PCBs to stand-offs are #4-40 panhead, 1/4" for the auxiliary PCB and 3/4" long for the fighting board + EZ Wiring Adapter PCB.
  • Screws that fix the top panel down are M4, at least 6mm long.

Confirmed Korean Levers by actual Panzer Owners:

The following, low collar, have been confirmed to fit:

  • Sanjuks V3
  • Crown [Samducksa] SDL-301 Infiltration-QR Lever
  • Golden Fanta (ASI)
  • Golden Lever (ASI)
  • Sanjuks V6
  • Sanjuks V7
  • Taeyoung Hemi

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Nichole Detmar

This Panzer fight stick is absolutely gorgeous!!! I truly appreciate the customization options and the website was easy to navigate. The stick is of amazing quality and is, by far, my favorite. Once the stick was created, it was shipped out right away and I got it a few days later - I really appreciate that! The attention to detail in its creation and assembly is evident with all aspects of the controller, I would happily buy from Jansen's Customs again! HIGHLY recommended!!!!!!

Thanks for the kind words! Glad this thing is working out - it was a treat to build!

Brian Shu

Panzer Fight Stick 4 Chassis

Chasis and frame

My order came in really fast I ordered the wrong part i was a little confused on certain things but on the website so I contacted store owner he gave me a fast response also all in all the all button layout is nice comes with all cables and screws needed which is also a plus and he has videos on YouTube to show the step by step build only thing was I was missing a green screw for my top panel instead of 6 I received 5 but it's fine I just moved one of the silver screws to the center but for every thing this package offers 5/5 I will be returning for some more items later.

I appreciate the comments. The Aluminum Screws do come in packs of 5 - pass down from the PFS3 era that only used 5 screws for the top plexi. Ill make that text larger on the listing to avoid future concerns.

Jas Sumal
Panzer Fight Stick 4 Chassis review

This is the fourth-generation chassis and it is evident that everything learned from previous generations has been brought forward into its design. Firstly, the all-metal construction with a powder coat finish makes it feel like a premium product and sets it apart from many other competitors on the market. It also gives it more weight than one made from cheap plastics. However, it is not overly heavy and feels very well-balanced. In my humble opinion it feels it’s like the “Rolls Royce” of fight sticks when fully assembled using all the recommended add-ons (e.g. printed Plexi panel and aluminium dress up parts).
The choice of colours is also very good. I prefer the colours white and black as they can be used as base colours that will go with practically any artwork design you choose for the printed Plexi panel. I do recommend getting a printed Plexi as it allows you to personalise the fight stick with your own artwork and it also looks amazing if coupled with the aluminium bezel.
Jasen provides many different button layouts for his fight sticks. However, I wish there were options for the cross-up layout or ones where a button for the antagonist V.20 could be added.

All the parts go together like ‘hand in glove’. It is simple and straight forward to assemble with clear easy to follow instructions. The custom EZ wiring system makes the assembly process very easy. The largest lever I have been able to install is the “Crown [Samducksa] SDL-301 Infiltration-QR Lever”. Its full dimensions can be found online by doing a simple internet search. I would not attempt to install a lever larger than this as I just managed to fit this with very little clearance. Please note that I did install using the aluminium bezel which lifts the top panel up by 1-2mm.

I have ordered from Jasen on several occasions and sometimes things have gone wrong (missing parts). However, whenever I have reached out to him with a problem/question he has been excellent in resolving the matter in a very professional and timely manner. Things can go wrong in any business but I have found Jasen to be first class in the service he provides especially when there are hick ups. He is a great person to deal with and runs an honest business serving the fight game community. I have no hesitation to recommend Jasen’s customs (you can buy with confidence!). Please note that sometimes orders can take a long time to be delivered as items are manufactured in batches to keep costs down. However, I have always received my orders even if I have had to wait over a month in some cases.

Not only do you get the chassis but you are also supplied with the following items:
5 x Light Pipes for the LEDs in the Auxiliary Area.
7 x Machined Aluminium and anodized button caps for the Auxiliary Area.
1x Bottom Pad.
The EZ Wiring PCB, Aux Area PCB, and wiring for both lever-based panels and the Hitbox/Shiokenstar panels. This will ensure you can use any panel at any time with your new chassis.
This is important to note because it means you do not need to buy separate player LEDs, additional buttons for the auxiliary functions on the fight stick (start, select, turbo etc…) or wiring. If you factor in the cost savings of separately ordering these items and having them shipped to you it is clear that Jasen provides great value for money.
I live in the UK and shipping and customs duties are quite high. However, I have been able to slightly mitigate against these by ordering all the items I need in one go when they are in stock.


Great review. Very detailed and awesome feedback.

Jamie Kikilidis
Great controller

It's well-built, easy to put together, and looks fantastic. I don't see myself buying another controller any time soon.