Store Policies

Our current store policies are simple. Please take a moment to review them before making any purchases.

  1. Refunds for unused, brand new products is always available with a small restocking fee. Shipping fees, both initial shipping fees and return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
  2. For custom work (printed plexi, custom cut plexi, custom cases and panels, etc.) there are NO REFUNDS.
  3. Due to an increased number of orders, we will no longer combine orders that are placed separately. I have implemented a number of automations that would break if we interrupt them and could cause delays filling your order.
  4. For PRINTED PLEXI - please submit your final artwork only. We will no longer accept changes after the order is placed. Far too many last minute requests came in causing delays in the production of them recently.
  5. For support, we request you use the CONTACT US page. This will ensure your question or concern is handled appropriately and immediately. Over time, a support page will be populated with technical questions and answers to streamline this process!
  6. We stand by all of our products and will remedy any situation that arises. We're humans, we can make mistakes but we can also fix them!
  7. Customs Fees. This is important as we get asked this a lot. No, we do not pay your customs fees. If you incur customs fees for an international order, you are required to pay them. If you refuse and the product is not shipped back to us or is destroyed - you are not entitled to a refund. Additionally, no we will not alter the value of any product we ship to help you avoid these fees.