Panzer Fight Stick 4 Panel - ABMX Kit

Jasen's Customs SKU: 164205-1

Panzer Fight Stick 4 Panel - ABMX Kit

Jasen's Customs SKU: 164205-1
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Panzer Fight Stick 4 ABMX Kit

ABMX is going to change the way you play fighting games. In development over the past couple of years, SheldonTwitching, pushed me to finalize the design and bring it to life. Why? He was tired of using sub-optimal buttons and didn’t like the slabboxes on the market, citing them as too small and too much like a toy. They simply didn’t work for high end competitive play in the FGC. With the Panzer 4 hitting the scene in early 2023, previous work was quickly adapted and ABMX was born. It provides a quick installation of an all-button panel that uses MX switches instead of a traditional arcade style button on the Panzer 4 and the Mad Catz TE with some modifications (unsupported and there are no installation instructions for this case).


  • MX Mechanical Buttons come in hundreds of combinations and are trusted by high end PC gamers and Keyboard Enthusiasts alike. You can customize every single button with a different switch on ABMX due to the hot swap sockets installed.
  • No friction between the switch caps and the ABMX parts. The button caps have plenty of clearance around them to ensure they can not rub on anything degrading speed or switch return.
  • Inspired by high end keyboards. Each MX switch is properly stabilized with an aluminum stabilizer plate to eliminate wobble.
  • You can use many MX style caps on the market and Jasen’s Customs will be releasing ABS molded ones in the future.
  • Simple electrical design. No flashy LEDs or integrated console compatibility is integrated into the ABMX PCB. This allows you to choose how to build your Panzer Fight Stick and what PCBs you want to use.
  • Fully compatible with the Panzer Fight Stick 4 EZ WIRING.

ABMX Final Build Example


What the testers are saying:

“After 11 years of trying every all-button controller on the market – the ABMX is the only one that feels competitively viable. Zero rubbing on the return of each cap means you’ll feel the speed and accuracy increase immediately. Competitively speaking after the ABMX, there is no going back.” – Sheldon Twitching, Discord

“I have tried everything when it comes to arcade style buttons, and nothing remotely comes close to the ABMX design in terms of accuracy and speed. This is instrument-level quality and it shows in its performance. Jump on this now.” – Remiri, Discord

“If you play on hitbox or were ever curious, save all the money you’ll waste on buttons that are half solutions and get this. Keyboard community solved every issue with switches for us already. This is infinitely customizable.” –  Kpowren, Twitter


  • ABMX Top Plate
  • Stabilizer Plate
  • Required EZ Wiring
  • ABMX Bottom Plate

What you need to Provide or Order Separately:

Some pictures may show switches and/or caps installed. This is only for demonstration purposes.

  • 12 Cherry MX plate mount compatible switches
  • An “All Button Cap Kit” from Sinocade
  • Plexi overlay. This is necessary so the key caps are at the right height after final assembly. This can be printed plexi OR a clear plexi. Clear is not included so you don’t have to pay for items you do not intend to use.
  • Panzer Fight Stick 4 Chassis
  • Compatible PCB – See the Panzer Fight Stick 4 page for details.

Installation Guide for the Panzer Fight Stick 4

Installation and Modification Notes for the Mad Catz TE Fight Sticks

Modifying these cases with new panels, EZ MODs, levers, buttons, etc. is not hard, however, due to the intermediate plastic divider in every case there may be some trimming/cutting of plastic required to install modifications and new panels. Remember, the case was designed with a specific layout (Vewlix, narrow) and plastic molds were designed around it. If you do not feel comfortable with trimming/cutting plastic do not attempt to mod your case. If you damage the case, panel, or any internal parts during the install process I am not liable. Remember, mod at your own risk and do a lot of research.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
ABMX is as good as it gets!

After breaking it in for a few hundred hours, I’m prepared to definitively say that yes, this is the best leverless controller currently on the market. Additionally, Jasen has to be one of the coolest people and the most devoted to supporting his product out there.

Going part by part:
- The actual case is sturdy, has some heft, but is also surprisingly lightweight. I usually struggle to find a form factor that feels like it has enough substance but also isn’t going to feel like an anchor in my lap. Panzer 4 is definitely the goldilocks scenario.
- The materials and fit are superb, and everything from the frame to even the *finish* feels extremely durable and high quality. If a nuclear bomb went off, I’m pretty sure the Panzer 4 would be unscathed, and that cockroaches could carry on the FGC in our stead.
- I’ve built and modified a fair number of controllers, and this was by far the easiest and most user-friendly construction I’ve ever come across. Plenty of space to work in, lots of little quality of life touches to help clean cable, and the builder’s guide was super easy to follow.
- I was excited about the possibilities with ABMX, and rightfully so. It’s very easy and quick to swap out switches, and the amount of personalization is out of this world. Currently, I’m using three different types of switches for different “zones” of buttons. Being able to do that is amazing enough, but considering how easy and quick it is to do? It’s still almost unbelievable.
- Even without that high degree of personalization, the ABMX as a platform just *feels good*. Everything sits nice, fits nicely, and you get right to the point without having to futz around with a million different brands of buttons, switches, springs, etc.

The only thing I personally didn’t gel with was the IPFB PCB option. I love the open-source nature, and the price point is hard to argue with. The community is also great at supporting and answering questions. All of that said, you have to be prepared to do a lot of tinkering and tweaking, and I didn’t go into it with that expectation. I also never managed to get PS5 compatibility working – others definitely have, and I got a lot of response and help troubleshooting, but after 6 or so hours of not being able to make things work I opted to switch to a Brook UFB for a simpler “just plug and play.”

In short, the IPFB is definitely a great and cost-effective option, and you just have to consider what system you’re trying to play on and how much tinkering with settings you personally enjoy.

In closing, I genuinely feel like the Panzer 4 has improved the quality of my play, and also unleashed a whole new layer of creativity when personalizing my controllers. I honestly couldn’t be happier, and I could not recommend the Panzer 4 (and especially the ABMX variant) more highly.

If you’re on the fence, LEAP over it and you won’t be sorry.

Mark Tran
Best all button solution (for me)

Incredibly stable and responsive feeling. The support plate makes it feel more like a premium keyboard. The ability to swap switches is very beneficial to tuning for my needs.

Smoothest hitbox and best quality as usual

I have been a customer of Jasen since 2018 and have had several custom hitboxes made by him, and I design my own custom sticks, including some that have similar rimless configurations as the ABMX. The main challenge is having the MX switch and hot swap stabilized so that there are no electrical contact problems between the MX switch and hot swap electrode. Keyboard users usually glue both together. No such problem here, the ABMX kit has the perfect stabilization, everything is in place, and stays put. The included pcb and wiring makes building the PFS4 even easier and cleaner, and the rimless design allows for super smooth action, in addition to being able to easily change the MX style switches to the ones of your preferences.

In short: Highly recommended!

Looking forward to having more layouts available in that format, including with sticks.

The Best Hitbox Got Even Better

I went from the regular hitbox layout to this, and even running Samducksa 202 mx buttons with multiple different types of switches the difference was immediately noticeable. I'm currently using pre-lubed Gateron silvers and the button press is so smooth with minimal actuation distance (about 1.2mm).
Setup was super easy, and with the printed plexi everything looks just so smooth. I cannot recommend enough to someone playing hitbox or curious to try.

Jeremy W.
ABMX Advantage

I have tried everything when it comes to arcade style buttons, and nothing remotely comes close to the ABMX design in terms of accuracy and speed. This is instrument-level quality and it shows in its performance. Jump on this now.

All Button MX (ABMX) is the future. Can't wait to extend the product line to other layouts as well to really show people how a proper plate mounted switch makes a world of difference!