Panzer Fight Stick 4 and Madcatz TE Panel

Jasen's Customs SKU: 159413-2

Panzer Fight Stick 4 and Madcatz TE Panel

Jasen's Customs SKU: 159413-2
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Panzer Fight Stick 4 & Mad Catz TE Replacement Panels

The Mad Catz TE Fight Stick was a game changer and turned Mad Catz from a cheap peripheral maker into a respected one inside the FGC. It’s Vewlix arcade cabinet styling influence is still beloved today and fight stick enthusiasts still use them with various mods such as our TE EZ MOD and a series of Brook fighting boards. They did evolve over time to include slight design changes (Original TE, TE Round 2, and TE-S) but each body used the same metal panel. Best yet, you could forgo the plastic bezel on the early TEs and use the same full size plexi from later models to completely change the look.

I started making Mad Catz TE replacement panels in 2016 to help people restore their beloved sticks by allowing them to ditch the rusty metal panels that plagued them over time. Now they are back. 

Wait, these are the same panels used on the Panzer Fight Stick 4 as well? 

That’s right! I took the great thing from the Mad Catz TE (easy panel swaps) and adapted it for the highest quality All Metal Fight Stick cases on the market. The Panzer Fight Stick 4 (PFS4) is the 4th iteration of my award winning Fight Stick series started back in 2012 as a personal project. The benefits of using the same panel for the PFS4 as the TE can’t be overstated: better offerings for more fight stick enthusiasts and more panel options that come out of it. Plus it made for some interesting sub features of the PFS4 not seen in other niche fight stick makers. Not everyone needs or wants a Panzer but if I can make a great product that works with multiple products in a high quality fashion, I will. It saves everyone time and money!


  • Steel Construction, .060″ thick [16 gage]
  • 6-32 wide base stand offs to mount your Sanwa JLF or Compatible Seimitsu Levers
  • Black Textured Powder Coat Finish


  • Shiokenstar, based on Sega Player 1. All Button using 30mm Punch and Kick buttons.
  • Extended spacing between the lever and Low Kick button to 82mm for Sega Player 1, 2, and Noir. Vewlix (both versions) is 95mm. Standard spacing on cabinets is 59mm and considered too close for a stand alone fight stick.
  • All Button using the RAGEOUS X modifications to standardize the layout and spacing.
  • Aegis All Button - designed by All Button player Shankt and requested to be offered as a regular option by the community! This player created layout will mostly work with standard PFS4 wiring but may require additional custom harnessing to get just right. Use the extra buttons however YOU want!
  • Tomahawk All button - designed by All Button Player Drewface and requested to be offered as a regular option for the community! This layout, like AEGIS, will work with standard PFS4 wiring but may require additional custom harnessing to get just right. Use the extra button however YOU want. This is basically a traditional All Button (leverless) layout with an additional 24mm button to the right of the UP button.

Included in your purchase

  • 1x Metal Panel
  • Hardware for mounting a lever as required.

Installation and Modification Notes for the Mad Catz TE Fight Sticks

Modifying these cases with new panels, EZ MODs, levers, buttons, etc. is not hard, however, due to the intermediate plastic divider in every case there may be some trimming/cutting of plastic required to install modifications and new panels. Remember, the case was designed with a specific layout (Vewlix, narrow) and plastic molds were designed around it. If you do not feel comfortable with trimming/cutting plastic do not attempt to mod your case. If you damage the case, panel, or any internal parts during the install process I am not liable. Remember, mod at your own risk and do a lot of research.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karl Santelman
Well made

Both the packing and the quality of the stick were perfect. I love mine and will be happy to recommend to anyone looking for one. Only suggestion would be to leave a not or code to scan that takes you to the build instructions.otherwise, everything was great.

Riley Hall
Perfect building blocks

I'm very happy with the quality and the aesthetics of the Panzer! Looks like it will last for a long time and it's easy to upgrade! Easy to put together as well

Aegis Allbutton

The Aegis All Button is THE SF6 panel. Having access to several extra button slots (that you can plug if you don't use) is game changing! The panzer is the best chassis, now it also can come packaged with the best layout!

Looks amazing! Awesome build and I can't wait to see how well Aegis works for you :)

Johnny Wong
Fantastic All Button Replacement Panel With A Twist

As an owner of multiple replacement panels from here (Original 2020 leverless panel and Sega P1), I can easily say that the quality on each and every panel I've purchased from Jasen has been amazing and this Aegis replacement panel just as good, if not better than the other panels I've been using.

The panel was installed very easily into a MadCatz TE1 with no problems replacing the existing leverless panel that was there before it as I had already made the cuts inside of the case to remove some extra plastic posts and had my Neutrik installed into one of the existing 24mm holes near the start and select buttons.

To install the Aegis panel and use all of the buttons, you have to make sure the area near the cable compartment hole is free of any obstructions inside the TE, so anyone with a RJ-45 or USB Neutrik installed there, you may want to figure out a solution before you purchase this panel.

If your Neutrik is not installed near the cable compartment, you should be okay with installing this panel. The only thing I recommend is to cut the plastic posts with a dremel that originally helped with cable management near the compartment, once you clear that post, all of the buttons will fit with no issues.

Aside from that, the layout of this panel is basically made for SF6, but I've found it works very well for MK1, other fighting games and even a lot of retro games out there, so if you want a very versatile all button layout, be sure to give the Aegis a shot, you may find it hard to switch back to a lever or traditional hitbox layout afterwards.

Small hands, no problem

This 24mm panel was perfect for my wife who has pretty small hands. It's made a huge difference in her comfort and ability to play longer.