Bulk Shipping Status

I’m sure you read the Shipping Information Page and understand that orders get consolidated (after packing and labeling) and shipped to the US to minimize the number of individual packages being sent on a daily basis. Here’s the status of those larger boxes:

Shipped back to the US on July 29:



This is it! Yes, your items will say “label created”, that’s because I make them in Japan and pack them into the box. They will not be accepted until they are scanned in, in Alabama. If the links above don’t show received/delivered, then yours is not there yet and not handed off to USPS.

Two outstanding complete customs are in progress! (N.L. and S.S.) I hope to finish them in the next two weeks (full builds).

Shipped back to the US on July 8:

https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?qtc_tLabels1=9405509898642996355208 (Distributed to USPS)


(Distributed to USPS)

Shipped back to the US on June 30:


(Distributed to USPS)


(Distributed to USPS)

Shipped back to the US on June 27:


(Distributed to USPS)


(Distributed to USPS)

Shipped back to the US on June 23:


(Distributed to USPS)


(Distributed to USPS)


(Distributed to USPS – 24 July 2020)

If you received your tracking number before a date listed above, your package is in one of the boxes after the date you received it. Meaning, if you got a tracking number on June 24th, your smaller package is in one of the boxes shipped on June 27. I don’t log which smaller box is in which bigger box. I make as many fit as I can in each box, so its not tenable to remember which is where. Typically, once a box arrives in the US, its opened and the contents reshipped the same or next day.

Due to COVID mitigation, my local post office accepts outgoing packages on Wednesdays and Saturdays ONLY; holidays they are closed. This means, the next big set of boxes will ship on July 8th. Large boxes typically take about 10 business days to get to the US destination.

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