CPS1 Cases in the Wild!

The CPS1 case launch has been a wild ride. Development all the way to delivery has been stressful and enjoyable at the same time. I received my CPS1 multi-kit in June and by August 1st the second prototype was being finalized, validated, and the order list opened up. I can honestly say that there was about 24 hours of time behind the keyboard making this design come to life and nearly $2000 in parts, not including the mult-kit and CPS1 board, invested to make it happen. I haven’t crunched the numbers fully, but I think I still have more invested in the project than I was able to earn back through case sales. Fortunately, I am my own boss and I rarely yell at myself.

Over the past week or so, a number of cases have made it out to folks and I wanted to share them here so everyone can see them in use!

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