EZ MOD - Can I use the Brook PS4+ with the "XYZ" EZ MOD?

The short answer is: it depends on your modding skill level and willingness to do a little extra work. In the image below I highlight the differences in pin location between the boards. Because the EZ MOD system was designed around the Universal Fighting Board and Brook thought it would be a good idea to move everything around on the PS4+ with Audio Board (they didn’t consult any vendors on this design), they aren’t pin for pin compatible.


The PS4+ with Audio Board has all of the pins pre-soldered as unlock-able, non-shrouded pins. This means that only friction is holding the wire housings to the pins. This is unsafe as I know that over time the cables will work themselves loose from the constant banging and moving of the Fight Stick. The EZ MOD system includes connectors that are meant to be locked into place with their matching housings and designed for the placement on the Universal Fighting Board.

Next you will notice that the RS/DP/LS switch location is on opposite sides of the PCBs (highlighted in ORANGE). The included cable with the EZ MOD may not reach that far and look clean when done.

The USB connectors, J1-1 on the PS4+ and J6-1 on the UFB are also different, adding to the challenge.

Finally, you will see that the TP CLICK, R3, and L3 are on their own pin headers on the PS4+ board and vastly different than the common 4 pin header on the UFB. To adapt, you would need a cable to go to 2 locations from the EZ MOD board instead of just one and it would be required be made longer.

IF I were to install this with an EZ MOD I would do the following:

  • Use the included cables from the EZ MOD and clip one end of the connector of (the one that connects to the UFB).
  • Lengthen each wire as required to reach the locations on the PS4+ board.
  • Solder them to the UNDERSIDE of the PS4+ board in the proper pin locations.

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