EZ MOD - Madcatz TE (Series) EZ MOD Install Notes

The best way to follow this install is the video. It is linked below and there are timestamps in the description for key elements of the install.

Let’s Build Something! Madcatz TE EZ MOD Install and VS Upgrade!

The basic install flow of this:

1. Disassemble the Fight Stick

2. Remove the stock PCB from under the home area.

3. Prep the EZ MOD board by cutting the appropriate jumper with an exacto knife and trip the slide switch actuator for LOCK by a 2ish mm

4. Transplant the dome switch covers, carefully, to the EZ MOD.

5. Reinstall the EZ MOD into the stock home area housing.

6. Decide if you want a TURBO button or a TP CLICK button (I recommend TP CLICK) and connect the appropriate wires to the EZ MOD. We include both (since they are different at the UFB) so you can choose the best install for you.

7. Reassemble the stick leaving access for final placement of the UFB and USB adapter PCB.

8. Connect the stock USB cable, after trimming the ends, to the screw terminals on the small adapter PCB.

9. Strip the ends of the gray ribbon cables for the buttons and the JLF and connect them to the appropriate screw terminals on the UFB.

10. Connect the wiring from the EZ MOD to the UFB.

11. Fix the UFB and the USB Adapter to the bottom panel of the fight stick in a convenient location using some sticky PCB feet.

12. Reconnect the buttons and the JLF to the stock wiring and reinstall the panel.

13. Test functionality using JOY.CPL in windows.

Time Stamps of Key Elements:

TE EZ MOD Intro: 15:10
EZ MOD Jumper Cutting (First Discussion): 19:23
Fight Stick Disassembly: 23:00
Removing the top panel, labeling the wires: 25:00
JLF Wiring Identification: 42:03
Button wire identification: 44:33
Dome Switch Swap from Stock Board to EZ MOD: 50:27
EZ MOD Slide Switch MOD: 52:30
Installing EZ MOD into stock plastic housing: 54:55
Connecting the wiring between EZMOD and the UFB: 1:18:11
EZ MOD Jumper Cut: 1:24:20
USB connection between the stock cable and the EZ MOD jumper board: 1:34:00
Button connections to UFB: 1:41:43
Connecting the EZ MOD to the UFB: 2:14:12
Reassembly: 2:25:00

There are jumpers you are required to cut on the EZ MOD. This is dependent on the HOME AREA you have. See the images below. Since this works on almost 12 different fight sticks, so it’s important you cut the correct jumper during installation.



1. Watch the video. It answers A LOT of questions.

2. If something doesn’t work, check all your connections. Each pin on the EZ MOD is labeled so you can trace it back to the UFB.

3. Take detailed notes during disassembly. All of the TE series is a little different. What is correct for one stick, may not be correct for another!

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