EZ MOD - My TE2 buttons don't work with the EZ MOD and the LVT3 installed!

Some of the LVT3s designed for the MCZ TE2 are not compatible with the EZ MOD. Specifically, the XBONE version. The others ARE compatible but may not work right out of the box with the TE2+ and TE2 and may require a cable fix that connects the LVT3 to the EZ MOD. Basically, if your buttons don’t work after install, you need to tweak the included LVT3 cable.

What is happening? The button signal connections from the LVT3 are being connected directly to the GND plane and the GND plane of the LVT3 are being connected directly to the button signals. Clearly, nothing will work this way.

Here’s how the connector on the EZ MOD is setup:


You will need to repin the cable to make it work. Please contact Paradise Arcade for more information on this, as they are the experts on the LVT3 board.

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