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Standard Jasen’s Customs Questionnaire and Information for Custom Fight Sticks

A non-refundable deposit of $100 (via PayPal) is required to get started beyond just basic discussion; typically I can do anything you ask so unless you have some wild idea that requires hundreds of pieces and parts I can make your custom fight stick case. This is to devote an hour design time to the case so we can get a real feel for the cost of the case production itself. I have worked with a number of people who ask for quotes and being the stickler for accuracy I tend to me, I invested a few hours in to get a quote and people said “nah”. This not only wastes my time but yours as well. The deposit allows me to focus on customers and not those trying to pit fight stick maker vs. fight stick maker bargain hunting. I know what my time is valued at and I work to that, not to compete with those trying to do what I do.

NOTE: This deposit WILL be used towards the cost of the case, so if you decide to move forward (at any time in the future) I will credit this back to you.

The following Questions are Key for getting an accurate quote:

  1. Please provide as much detail on the layout you want. The more you can tell me about the button layout the better (especially if its not standard). Is it based on Vewlix, Noir, Astro City, Hitbox, etc? If you can tell me the distance (vertical and horizontal) between the button centers for non-standard layouts its very helpful, otherwise if I reverse engineer from a PSD (low dimensional accuracy) it won’t be perfect.
  2. What material do you want me to make it out of? Steel is what the PFS3 is, strong durable, heavy; but we can use Aluminum as well. It should be just as strong, but it will be lighter and overall easier to damage because its aluminum and a lighter duty metal.
  3. What color do you want? We have a number available to us, but anything wild will cost a lot of money. Typically, high quality powder coat comes in 30-60 lbs bags and they run up to $700. I can not share the cost of the powder.
  4. What overall size do you want? Since this is custom, we can do anything you want. Keep in mind the bigger the case, the higher the cost due to materials.
  5. What additional buttons do you want for the auxiliary inputs? I typically recommend something like START, HOME, SELECT, TP CLICK at a minimum. Adding L3/R3/Turbo is possible since the UFB supports it.
  6. Any DP/LS/RS stick mode switches you want to include?
  7. Is a Lock switch for front buttons required?
  8. Do you want just a shell or a full build?
  9. What console compatibility do you want (for full builds)?
  10. If you want a full build, what button colors and such do you want?
  11. For full build, what lever do you want to use (if applicable)?
  12. Do you want a plexi overlay? If so, do you want printed plexi?

Many of these questions are related to a FIGHT STICK only, but a few are related to custom panels as well. I can do custom panels for Sega Arcade Cabs and Select Hori/Madcatz Fight Sticks. For custom panels, the only questions that matter are #1, #2, #3, and #12.


Timelines can vary depending on holidays work load, etc. Printed plexi can add up to a month to the timeline to allow other customers to order printed plexi items as well. This helps keep things less costly for everyone. Rushed orders are typically not taken because I am unable (and unwilling) to rush through an order; there are simply too many variables I can’t control.

Custom Panel Request Details:

We’re happy to do custom panels. Most of the details here regarding cost, timelines, etc. apply to custom panels. The easiest and cheapest custom panels will be for cases we already support. This list changes often as we work on new things. Custom work isn’t cheap and this goes for “simple panels” as well. What you may perceive as simple only appears this way often times. Even a minor change to a panel already offered requires engineering time, programming time, setup time, and manufacturing time. These all have real costs associated that factor into the cost of your panel. Due to the high price and quality of the equipment we use we can’t avoid these costs. Others may offer to make you a panel for cheaper but I believe in supporting my business, employees, partners, and customers in quality pay and support and I can’t do that if I lose money on high quality custom jobs.

Communication Etiquette:

I am happy to discuss everything with customers and will keep them appraised of each milestone for the production of their new Fight Stick. If you are one to email daily/multiple times a day to ask the status of your order/custom design, etc. please consider another builder for your project. Email takes time and the more time I spend answering questions after the design is finalized, the less time I have to devote to your build. I am of the opinion every email gets answered, so I can either answer a lot of emails or work on the design/follow up questions you have. Don’t worry, I will make sure we are 100% on the same page with layouts and case details before production starts, so expect a lot of communication through the initial stages!

Custom Case and Panel Cost Estimates:

A custom case or panel costs relies on a NUMBER of things. These include: Size, Material, total time the lasers have to run during the cutting phase (more holes, more time), hardware required in the case/panel, etc. Plan on $300 minimum for a custom case alone. and $200 for a custom panel based on a design we already offer. I can’t provide any more of a detailed cost to this until a design is worked out. See above for those details.

For custom panels that we believe have viability for the entire FGC, we may take your custom panel request and make it a regular offering which will save you and the community money as the design and setup time is spread out over many panels and not just one. That being said not every panel request has mass appeal, but if you want to put a group buy together to help curb costs, we’re ready to support.

Part Availability:

I can use parts from and in your build. In some rare circumstances that neither shop has a very specific part you need, I might be able to source it elsewhere, but I prefer to stick with my partners.

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