General - FAQ - Is the Jasen's Customs Pro Cable Kit compatible with the "XYZ" Fight Stick?

The Pro Cable Kits were designed to be used together whole, but there is nothing stopping you from using the cable with your own commecial Fight Stick as long as the Pro Cable connection is the same pin out. Here is the Jasen’s Custom’s Pro Cable Kit Pin Out:


According to JesseJames over on SRK, the TE2/TE2+ pinout is the same as the Jasen’s Customs version. As always, you should double check this on your own and independently verify.

In that same thread, DJ-Blitz commented on the Panthera pin out is:

“For anyone wondering the PIN out on the Razer Pantheras cable is:

1. VCC (Red)
2. data – (White)
3. data + (Green)
4. ground (Black)
5. Shielding”

He later clarified with: “My post might be a little misleading, I just noted the standard color code for USB cables. I used a Multimeter to figure out the PIN out.”

I haven’t personally verified either of these for accuracy, so comment on your findings if you can confirm/deny either of the above person’s info.

CONFIRMED: The PRO CABLES work with TE2/TE2+ no problems. (Thanks Devon!)

CONFIRMED: The PRO CABLES DO NOT WORK with the Razer Panthera. (Thanks Jasen!)

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