General - FAQ - Why isn't XYZ available to purchase? Can you make an exception?

I just wanted to provide an update and reiterate the status of shipping policy going forward while I am deployed .

Panzer Fight Sticks will be available throughout the deployment. Spencer, out of Alabama, will be the hub for shipping so you can pick one up at any time. Only one will not be available, the VT, because they are just too large (physically) to ask him to manage in my absence.

Everything else has been “removed” from the shop or placed in a “NOT FOR SALE” status while I am deployed. As soon as I return and get situated, it will all be available for purchase again. Unfortunately, I can not provide an exact date as to when this will happen.

No exceptions can be made. The physical stock is at my shop in California and I do not have an agent there to process shipments.

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