MCZ TE EZ MOD Urgent Install Note

It has come to my attention that the USB Adapter for the TE EZ MOD and cable had a slight problem during manufacturing. Most of you have probably already installed the EZ MOD with no issues, however, those of you installing it in the future will benefit from the keen eye from a fellow discord member. The USB cable I provided in the kit had the wiring reversed 180 degrees. I am unsure why the team I use to make cables did this, but they did and fortunately its not going to trigger a massive recall on the USB cable. This is an issue that can be overcome with a simple fix during install:
The USB adapter PCB is a direct 1:1 passthrough adapter, meaning the 4 pins on the included USB go to the pin directly across from it on the screw terminals. As long as you match color to color, you are fine. See the attached photo for clarification. The only caveat is the RED WIRE on the included USB cable, its connected to both pins labeled “B” on the screw terminals.
For the shield and the ground on the stock Madcatz USB cable you can connect both together (that’s what the adapter pcb was supposed to do had my include cable not be reversed) to the same screw terminal that corresponds to the black wire on the adapter cable.
Don’t hesitate to reach out in discord for more discussion.

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