Panzer Fight Stick 3 - General - Panzer Fight Stick 3 Unity Mount Compatibility

The Panzer Fight Stick 3 Unity Mount featured on the new Panzer Fight Stick 3i (improved); is not compatible with previous versions of the Panzer Fight Stick. It mounts to the case flush using a wide 105mm square patterned 6-32 studs, washers, and nuts. Previous models of the Panzer had stand offs installed directly into the case for a JLF style lever to be mounted and mechanically interferes with any new lever mount system. Additionally, the old Panzer cases do not have attaching points for the new Unity Mount. You can see the differences below.


Plate requires mounting studs in the case at all four corners.


Lever mounts pressed directly into the Panzer Fight Stick 3 and can not be removed.

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