Panzer Fight Stick 3 - Mechanical - Will the Crown MakeStick CWL-309MJ fit in the PFS3?

The Crown CWL-309MJ, also referred to as a MakeStick 309MJ, is a modified Crown lever that features a shortened top grommet that is “JLF” compatible. I have yet to test fit this in a Panzer Fight Stick 3, but it is mountable in the standard Panzer Fight Stick 3. I do have some concerns over the overall height of the lever body fitting in the 1.75″ of internal space in the Panzer Fight Stick 3 (lever spacer installed), but similar Korean levers that fit the “JLF” mounting pattern do work in the Panzer 3.


These levers WILL NOT MOUNT in a Panzer Fight Stick 3: Korean Edition. If you want to use an authentic Korean Lever in your build, I recommend using a Crown CWJ-303N lever or a Myoungshin Fanta Lever, shown below.

Crown CWJ-303N (Black Top)
Photo By: R2K2 Photography
Myoungshin Fanta
Photo By: R2K2 Photography

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