Panzer Fight Stick 4: Aegis Button Layout Wiring

The Aegis layout is truly unique. There are extra buttons all over the place which may seem daunting - but everything has a purpose. All button controller player Shankt helped develop the Aegis in order to maximize his SF6 competitive edge. Other layouts left something to be desired so we worked together to make something that felt right for him. Turns out, many others agree and have been using Aegis to level up their play. 

The following wiring diagram is a starting point to get you started with Aegis. It's 100% compatible with our EZ WIRING in the Panzer 4 if you have the time and skills to make some minor modifications to get the L3, R3, and TP buttons broken out. If you want it to be easy, we have you covered there too! Check out the EZ WIRING HAT that breaks out these buttons while leaving them in perfect working order in the aux area as well.

Panzer 4 Aegis Layout

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