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Yes, this was displayed boldly on the website when you placed your order. This single post can and will answer about 99.9% of the questions regarding shipping, so I wanted to keep it readily available so that I could refer back to it when I inevitably get a couple hundred questions about shipping status…

Important Shipping Timelines and Expectations.

UPDATED 20 MAY 2020.

There is a disagreement with USPS on the rules and regulations of what is allowed and not allowed to be sent via USPS here in Japan and how many packages is acceptable to ship from any individual stationed overseas. The instruction governing the Military Post Office states we can not ship items intended for resale. The common language person reads this as you can not send something to someone via the Military USPS system (that is paid normal postage) if you know they are going to sell it instead of using it for personal use; i.e. when you buy buttons, cables, etc from me you would sell them to your friend to make money which I know you aren’t doing. They are misconstruing the requirement and extending it beyond what is actually says, in my opinion. I am consulting the JAG on this to get a legal review on the requirements and will fight to use my privileged service to the maximum extent possible. What I intend to do in the mean time:

1. Consolidate small shipments into one large box and ship it to a trusted agent in the US for handing off to USPS upon receipt. This means you will get notified of your shipment like you always do, but it will not get scanned into USPS’s system until it arrives to said agent and given to USPS. Ultimately, I think this will make shipping timelines faster and more efficient overall.

2. Once Japan Post is shipping at regular speeds to the US again, shifting packages to Registered Air Mail. As of this post, we aren’t ready to do this yet. Japan post is still moving slow and some packages shipped nearly 60 days ago haven’t arrived yet. This is unacceptable.

3. Larger shipments. I am in the process of negotiating rates to make Shipping Panzers and such reasonable. Shipping a fight stick at $100 is not feasible and you shouldn’t have to pay that much, it goes against everything I have done to build my business and brand over the last 8 years. I will likely ship them direct using USPS since the volume of these is lower and less likely to be a problem with USPS or seek alternate ways to get the cases directly to you and the internal parts sent as a smaller package shipped to my trusted agent.

4. Orders placed before 5/20/20: I will ship these per previous guidelines below.

5. Japan Orders and International Orders: I will continue to ship these via Yamato Shipping where and when possible; Japan Post may be used as well. For Japanese customers, I use Yamato Cash On Delivery for shipping cost so its accurate; the $2.50 shipping charge accounts for the boxes and padding required to ship your items. For very small packages I will ship this via regular Japan post when possible and no payment will be required upon receipt for shipping costs (things that fit in a small 30cm box).


COVID-19 is affecting delivery and logistics across the world. This is primarily due to limited flights, reduced workforces, states of emergencies, etc. Do not panic or email if things are taking longer than normal to arrive, if its scanned into the system it’s there and is likely moving slow due to the above notes. If something is the USPS system and its been more than 60 days, we can file a lost package report and try and get a claim refund. No earlier.

Packages that get returned.

Sometimes packages are returned to me because of bad information on the shipping label. If this happens a refund for the cost of goods will be provided ONLY. It is crucial that you validate your shipping address before submitting the order. A loss of $3 or $40 for shipping is not something we are able to absorb due to improper/invalid shipping addresses.

Damaged Packages.

If a package arrives and shows any sign of damage, IMMEDIATELY take pictures before opening it. This will ensure the best chances for recoupment under the insurance program with USPS. You can then open it and validate there is or isn’t damage. If there is and there was insurance we can file a claim. Please note that replacement items will not be sent until a claim is filed and accepted.


Unfortunately, we have lost a considerable amount of revenue and products this year due to fraudulent charge-back claims. This includes items showing delivered and customers claiming they didn’t receive it. “Changing their mind” but being unwilling to return the item, and good old fashioned fraud. If you submit a charge-back, I consider this stealing. You will lose all support from for previous purchases and future orders will be promptly cancelled. NO EXCEPTIONS. If charge-backs continue we will be forced to charge an additional $3 for all shipments to cover signature required delivery and we will only ship to confirmed billing addresses to protect our business and reputation.

Order Cancellations.

Want to cancel an order? Let us know and we will do it as long as the items/package isn’t already made up or shipped. If you do cancel an order there is a MANDATORY 10% cancellation fee. NO EXCEPTIONS. Our Credit Card processor charges us each time a credit card is run, either a credit or a debit, and these are not refundable to us. That being said, if you cancel an order this cost will be passed on to you based on the FULL ORDER amount (items+shipping).

Below this line is our OLD POLICY on timelines and expectations.

Warehouses. All of our products ship from my home in Japan via USPS Mail. This makes use of the US Post Office and all mail gets routed through TOKYO and distributed from CHICAGO. International orders (except Japan) have a little more indirect route through Hawaii and then back to Japan for some reason. This means that every package has a little bit longer to arrive at its local destination, please understand this when you order.

Turnaround. We always want to ship as soon as possible but it is important to realize and understand the following timelines we promote:

  • Orders typically ship within 2-3 business days (these are MONDAY-FRIDAY, less HOLIDAYS). This excludes custom builds, pre-orders, and Panzer full builds.

  • Shipping speeds are 100% dependent on the shipping carrier. We can’t guarantee any arrival date and aren’t responsible for late, longer than normal, or slow deliveries. There are many factors that go into when you will receive your order.

  • USPS is notoriously bad about scanning items. We drop items off at USPS within 24 hours of printing the shipping label (I pack every day usually and the local Post Office is only open Monday – Friday); but if they don’t scan it the Delivery Confirmation information will be slow to update.

  • JAPAN ONLY: We will ship your items via Yamato (Black Cat) Cash On Delivery. You must be home to receive your package. They have proven to be very reliable and most items arrive within a day of shipment.

USPS Speeds.

  • First Class Mail is 7 – 10 business days. The advantage is less costly than Priority, however there is no insurance. If the package is lost or damaged there is nothing we can do to recover your package or funds.
  • Priority Mail is 5 – 7 business days. This is generally faster than First Class mail, but its still not guaranteed! It comes with $50 of insurance for all shipments.
  • International Customers (Non-Japan): Its going to be longer than this. Estimate at least twice as long for transit times. Keep in mind business days are Monday-Friday and doesn’t count any holidays (even your local holidays that may differ from the US).

USPS Tracking.

The tracking information you see with your tracking number is the exact same information I see. USPS doesn’t provide me any more details than it does you, so sending me an email asking for further details won’t yield anything more than you have. USPS Considers packages lost after 60 days. Once that time passes we can start the lost package process with USPS where they will search it out and if then it isn’t found we can file a claim (if you shipped it via USPS Priority Mail).

For International customers: Once a package leaves the US and arrives in your country, tracking will not be accurate. USPS does not control the scanning process with local postal services and therefore relies on the country to provide tracking scans back, which they don’t often do. Again, the tracking information you have is the same information I have. I do not have any additional details on the locations, process, or hand off between USPS and your Postal System.

Order Splits.

We no longer do this. Your order will ship complete when everything is in stock. Consider this when you group pre-order items with stocked items.

Shipping Addresses:

  • Once you place your order, it will be shipped to the shipping address you provided in the order. We can not change this later.
  • We never change a shipping address. Its an automated flow from your order submission to the label that gets printed. If there is an error on the label 99.9% of the time its due to customer error. If a package is returned due to an invalid or incomplete address, shipping WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. See below.

Customs Information:

  • We use accurate Customs Information based on your order. No exceptions.

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