Two Paths to Panzer Fight Stick Greatness - Now Available

Waiting up to 30 days to get the parts for a Panzer build can be terrible. Production queues are long, panels and chassis may ship at different times, and sometimes you just want the parts ASAP. I understand and have taken this feedback onboard to better improve the overall customer experience. You will now see Panzer chassis and panels on the website with and without the tag in the title. Let me break down exactly what that means:

Panzer items marked with in the product name will ship, when in stock, within 2 business days of ordering. They ship directly from me in Virginia via a number of shipping options available. This means you could theoretically receive all the parts within 3-4 business days if you are on the East Coast of the US and pick the appropriate shipping option. I expect to have most parts available starting 15 May when I finally settle down in Virginia after this crazy retirement process from the Navy!

Panzer items that are not marked with a special tag will ship about 21 business days after they enter production. Production runs typically start on the 15th of each month. This means, if you order on 16 May 2023, it will enter production on 15 June and ship about 21 business days later arriving in late July. Of course, this is worst case scenarios and I often run the production line far more often as I do intend to keep stock on hand for expedited shipping. The benefit of the longer timeline to receive your case – you get free shipping on the parts anywhere in the world!

You can 100% mix and match EXPEDITED and regular production queue items together if you wish, just note that your order will be processed based on the items themselves and shipped accordingly.

Finally, I am actively working on a PANZER BUILDER that will allow you to simply step through the process of building a Panzer Fight Stick more seamlessly than now. Please stay tuned for that feature to go live in the coming weeks.

Items such as the IPFB, Aluminum Dress Up Parts, etc. will ship within 2 business days unless otherwise stated on the listing.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US

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