Madcatz TE2 and TE2+ EZ MOD Instructions

The process for doing the TE2 and TE2+ EZ MOD is basically the same. The videos below will help you through this process. Since there was only one version of the TE2+ connecting the stock wires is much more straight forward. The TE2, depending on the version, has some things to pay attention to but its not hard either.

In the TE2+ version - you will not have a 5 pin cable to connect to one connector. This is intentional. Brook never implemented all the touch pad features to their PCBs, so there was no need to connect to those Touch pad signals. Additionally, on the TE2 version of the EZ MOD, there is no lever select switch so you wont need that wire, it will be extra.

For the TE2 version please pay attention to the jumpers. You do need to install those. They set what the upper two buttons on the aux area actually do.